21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Cellpower Hydrogen Water

Much more than a water bottle.
The CellPower is a piece of technology poised to transform the way you think and consume water.
Utilizing its groundbreaking technology, CellPower generates the purest hydrogen rich water,
delivering a range of potential health benefits supported by research. Moreover, it features three
distinct sets of frequencies beaming from above to infuse your water, as well as intricately calibrated
magnets in the base mimicking the magnetic field of the Earthʼs core.

Molecular hydrogen is recognized as a gas with potential therapeutic effects. Research indicates benefits for
various organs and potential therapeutic effects for over 170 disease models, highlighting the following

1. Antioxidant-Like Effects

2. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

3. Anti-Allergic Effects

4. Anti-Aging Benefits

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