20-22 June 2025
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Chaos Fudge

I have always enjoyed making fudge as a treat for my family and friends but when I was on maternity leave in 2016/17 with my son, I started having cravings and began making it more often. Before long, I was experimenting with flavours and was making more than my friends and family could (healthily) eat.

I have gone from making 6 different flavours to 15 and if it weren’t for the fact I would run out of fridge space, I’d be creating more!

My favourite part of the market is when people can’t decide which flavour to buy because they like so many! In September this year, we will be celebrating six years in business and will be back at the Every Woman Expo to showcase our homemade English fudge.

As a small, local, family run business, it means a great deal to us to share our passion with the people of Perth, especially others who share our love of good food!

Happy Eating.


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