Drip Haus IV Vitamin Infusions

Drip Haus IV Vitamin Infusions is Perth’s newest homegrown MOBILE infusion service. At Drip Haus, we strive to optimize your health. We believe that health is being able to live day to day with optimal vitality. Our goal is to empower people to achieve their goals through education and personalized approach to health optimization.

We deliver essential vitamins and nutrients via infusion without even having to lift a finger. Our fast, safe convenient and effective service can be do done any where; in the comfort of your living room, hotel or even workplace.

We have over 20 different vitamins to tackle all the things that leave us not functioning at 100%. We now offer NAD+ infusions to supercharge your wellness even further. With a range of drips on the menu we can target all types of symptoms or issues or even customise your drip to be as individual as you are.

Provided by trained and registered professionals, all clients received a thorough consultation prior to recommendations being made and delivery of the infusion is completed in less than an hour!

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