Fermented Veg

Tender Lovin Kraut and 66 Barrels offers nutritious, tasty fermented veg packed full of natural goodness to help your overall wellbeing. Everything is made from scratch with the finest ingredients, is 100% vegan and produced using natural veg grown by local farmers in WA.
On offer:
1. TLK Range - Kimchi, Super Kimchi, Red Cabbage, Caraway Seed Kraut
2. 66 Barrels - Sauerkraut, Golden Kraut, Mexikraut, Beetkraut, Curtido, Kimchi.

Each jar of fermented veg has probiotics, prebiotics and contains the all-important K2 vitamin which very few people know about. The K2 vitamin decalcifies the blood, so it takes the calcium from the blood and deposits it into the bones to strengthen them. Research has shown that fermented veg is also good for immunity and can stave off dementia.

66 Barrels and Tender Lovin' Kraut is kind to your gut too - that's why our stand is dubbed 'The Gut Health Depot'. The bold flavours stimulate the taste buds of even the most discerning of palates.
Fermented veg is full of nutrients to help build a better immune system, resulting in optimum health. Products are fermented for 28 days in large barrels in a temperature-controlled environment.
The four weeks fermentation process makes it as flavoursome as possible for optimal probiotic quality. The live, fermented veg is then hand-packed into jars, stored in a large coolroom and sold in local stores and at farmers markets throughout Perth.

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