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FM in a nutshell 🤩
We sell over 200 Perfumes & Aftershaves which smell just like the big designer brands at a fraction of the cost!

We cater for Men and Women fragrances, as well as Home and Kids.

FM have stores in London, Spain, Sweden, France, and America launching in 2021, Online & have been established since 2004. And we’ve just launched in OZ!

The perfumes (our best sellers) are inspired by the designer brands so smell almost exactly the same (some are bang on!) yet are extremely affordable.
They are not fakes, or copies.

We make the same fragrance using the same oils, the same drom factory in Germany where Gucci and Chanel are manufactured, but sell without the expensive designer names, celebrity advertisements & packaging.
Our maximum prices for each bottle is $36 - $46.

Visit us at the EveryWoman Expo!

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