20-22 June 2025
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Frank n Al Chai

Frank n Al Chai blend organic spices to calm and nourish your body and soul.
Spices have long been known for their medicinal qualities and our ingredients offer up these qualities in a delicious warm beverage that can be drunk at any time of the day or night. Our chai is not only organic but also caffeine free, cane sugar free, vegan friendly and gluten free. Our chai blends also include a cacao infused chai. Cacao is also an amazing provider of iron, calcium and magnesium for good heart and brain function, heaps of antioxidants and is a natural mood booster and anti depressant.
We also blend a beautiful body scrub as you can get the benefits that the spices provide topically as well.
We blend these spices with an organic coconut oil to exfoliate and also moisturise your skin, you come out smelling magnificent!
We love talking all things chai so please come and visit us at stand E32 and sample some of our delicious chai products. Hope to see you there.

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