Heart Matrix H2O/Sound Healing

Heather Jean is known as the Oracle of Sound®, Spiritual Teacher,Sound Alchemist, Mystic Mentor, modern day Medicine Woman and the creator of Heart Matrix H2O (R) Vibrational Healing Essences.

Heather has an online Mystery School offering courses and mentoring with the Ascended Masters giving you the tools to "know l thyself" and heal.
Awakening the Power of your Heart , Soul Rebirth & Awakening your Inner Mystic Training.
The author of soon to be published " The Power of Your Heart to Heal"
A Journey of Awakening and several children's books and music for healing.

Heart Matrix H2O® brings together the physical and the spiritual into perfect cohesion to offer your body the optimal space to heal from past trauma, physical ailments or mental unease. By simply carving out a little time each day for your love and gratitude practice with your Heart Matrix H2O® ritual, you can set forth a chain of positive effects on your entire health and wellbeing. Creating a daily meditation practice with your Heart Matrix H20® Vibrational Healing Essences will build strength in your inner core to be able to deal with the everyday stresses in life with grace and ease, as well as bringing a great sense of calm, balance and peace within.

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