21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Linda & Lynda Psychic Mediums

H Linda Usope- International Psychic Medium-
Master Teacher LWISSD.
I have been seeing spirit since I was a small child, I am a mother, a grandmother, worked in many government rolls, from, office work, nursing, aged care, schools, police, cell support for young offenders, volunteer work with family’s, and tried to find why I new I had to be there, or ! was put there for reasons I now understand. I fine tuned me, connected with me, and dedicated my life to spirit, my most rewarding and loving roll of service.
I Have work and been trained by some of the best psychic/ mediums around the world.
I am one of few Master Teacher with Lisa a Williams, LWISSD, or The Lisa a Williams International School of Spiritual Development, which took me over the other side of the globe, to a beautiful town in NY America, Lilly Dale ,to finish my studies, my teaching to help so many now in their own development.
Through my studies and my gift I am blessed to say it has taken me all over the world not only teaching but demonstrating, reading to so many, from America, UK, New Zealand, South Island, Cruise Ships, the beautiful Pacific Oceans/ Islands, as well as many our capital city’s in Australia, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane .
I am blessed to be on the show “All about you” (you can now watch on YouTube), as well as Australia’s PTV.
I am a full time Psychic Medium, Master Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, Hypnosis an
Matrix Trained (time line therapy) this is my life my passion.
Psychic the ability to see, connect to you, your past, present and future issues.
Mediumship- to connect to your loved ones passed over, evidence of survival of the soul.
Teacher- to help you fine tune your own ability.
I teach, Meditaion, Retreats, Psychic/ Medium Development, beginners to advanced, Children, Forensic Mediumship, cold cases, working with law enforce ant agencies, classes, workshops, and one on one development, mentoring.
Meditation- to connect to your soul, your life’s path, relax, balance.
Reiki- healing, balancing you mind, body and soul.
Hypnosis- helps you beat addictions, phobias.
Matrix- taking you back through a deeper connection than meditation, to help you let go of past trauma, giving you tools to embrace you today and healing your inner child.

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