Marik by Entayang

Marik by Entayang is a handmade bead crafts brand founded by Debbie Entayang Ridi. Debbie found herself keen in learning the ropes at a very young age. Having had both her late grandmother and great-grandmother as mentors, she learnt the traditional art of beads weaving.

Debbie started beading as a hobby with special interest in designing the ‘marik empang’, a cultural neck piece synonymous with the Iban community (One of the indigenous group from the Island of Borneo). While perfecting her crafts along the way, she made the decision to turn her passion into a business and launched Marik by Entayang in 2016. Drawing inspirations from the beauty of flora and fauna, the brand vibrant and intricate collections of beaded earrings, necklaces, key rings, handbag accessories, and mask holders are one-of-a-kind items that are designed for women who love a meaningful story behind a piece.

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