Meerilinga Children and Community Foundation

Meerilinga is a not for profit organisation and registered charity that engages and empowers children, their families, and communities. Meerilinga has been promoting positive childhoods and empowering communities for over 100 years. We began in 1911 as the Kindergarten Union of WA, with our Kindergarten Training College established in 1913 and our first kindergarten opened at Meerilinga House in 1922. Today, our Children and Community Services across Perth continues to serve local communities as inclusive places where children, families, and community members can find belonging and feel valued. Meerilinga is also recognised for excellence in its high-quality service delivery and holistic approach in early childhood education and care as well as in community engagement. With the support of community-focused programs and services, Meerilinga continues to create pathways that supports individual, family, and community wellbeing.

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