21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Perth sensual massage

Perth’s most experienced, caring and compassionate provider of sensual and erotic bodywork.

One might say I found myself in this industry by chance. However, over time I have
developed a deep passion for helping people to find and embrace their sexual selves.
Over the years I have informally studied sexology and massage to provide my clients
with the best possible experiences

Services include but are not limited to :
Sensual and Erotic Massage
Learning how to receive touch
Graduated exposure techniques
Safe and contained sexual exploration
Working to overcome common sexual dysfunctions
Women who are experiencing physical touch for the first time

I have worked with a range of clients including people with:
Couples exploring opening their relationships
Couples where the male partner has health issues
Couples where the partner isn’t available
scared of intimacy (fight or flight)

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