Rachel Gardiner - Soul Elements

Having an inner knowing since my early twenties to learn and understand more about wellbeing, mindfulness and healing, has inspired me to strive and grow in knowledge, compassion and kindness.

Practicing gratitude, having a positive mindset, focusing on meditation practices and performing energy healing daily, has taken me on an intimate journey of transformation, expansion and wholeness, bringing balance to my mind, body, heart and soul.

As a Reiki Master Practitioner, I will be offering Reiki and Crystal Energetic Healing - a spiritual practice, balancing the energy centres (chakras) in your body, a natural energy healing technique which promotes relaxation, eases stress and anxiety through gentle touch and brings spiritual peace.

I am truly excited to create a supportive space where I can connect and help women begin their spiritual essence of self-discovery together, to help guide them to gain clarity, and develop a sense of personal connection and powerful transformation!

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