Seekher Of Truth

Through Creatrix® I help women raise their own emotional intelligence around their beliefs, actions, thoughts, feelings and overall care factor, which helps them create the life they want to live. It's a safe, fast, lasting, profound and contrasting, irreversible transformation tool that changes your internal environment to help break patterns and cycles that are currently playing out in your life.

As a Passion Test Facilitator I help you identify your top 5 passions and then give you some tools to help you live into these passions. You can then choose in favour of them when faced with choices, decisions or opportunities.

Considering only approximately 20% of people worldwide are living a fulfilled, passionate life, I see this as an indication that this training is required today and beneficial for so many to connect to.

I aim to EMPOWER women to SEEK who they REALLY are and to LIVE a PASSIONATE life.

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