The Perfume Workshop

The Perfume Workshop concocts Artisanal Perfume Oils for our customers on site. We specialize in using botanicals that grow along the Frankincense trail which is one of the oldest perfume trails in the world .We have an extensive perfume library with perfume oils that range from Florals to Fruits , Woods and Resins .

The Perfume Workshops’ personalised experience is one not to be missed at the festival. Customers choose the notes they like and our perfume nose helps them blend the scents together . Perfumes are then poured fresh into the customers chosen bottles. Customers may also choose to have their bottles engraved. We also have a ready line of our BEST SELLER concoctions ready for purchase . The Perfume Workshop offers an olfactory experience that is truly enjoyed by all, no matter their gender or age.

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