THS Nutrition

Tribeca Health is an Australian nutritional group based out of Burleigh heads on the Gold Coast. Formed in 2009, Tribeca Health created X50 Lifestyle, Veego, and Athletic Sport to provide consumers with a fresh range of healthy lifestyle products in an otherwise stale market.

X50 Lifestyle – The original brand under the Tribeca Health umbrella, X50 Lifestyle was founded with the goal of providing consumers with a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. X50 Green Tea not only provides consumers with a clean energy hit, but it's also beneficial for boosting metabolism, supporting gut health and improving skin radiance.

Veego – Launched at the beginning of 2020, Veego is an all-natural vegan protein brand. In an industry where consumers are overwhelmed with information, Veego is all about keeping things fun and simple. Both Dairy and Gluten Free, Veego’s products taste great without the need for a guilty conscious.

Athletic Sport – The newest member within Tribeca Health, Athletic Sport was created in mind for high performance athletes. With a range of supplements designed to get the most out of your body, Athletic Sport’s products have been scientifically formulated and consist of transparent ingredients, so consumers can see and understand the supplements that they are using.

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