Uncle Cols Hemp Farms

Here at Uncle Cols we bring years of experience and knowledge to you via our licensed hemp farms. Not just business but Mom and Pop, Mother and daughter, friends and neighbours of the beautiful Northern Rivers NSW.

Family owned hard working farmers – real country people who bring their love of the land and passion of the whole plant. From farm to you. Almost all of our products are made by our Hemp farmers with love and dedication.

Uncle Col (as he is loving known as by the local indigenous tribes) is passionate about the amazing properties of Hemp and medicinal Cannabis. Col’s own journey after a major industrial accident that crushed, nearly killed and crippled him for years, his recovery and passion for natural healing from the whole plant.

Col enjoys riding his motor bikes and is 100% mobile. He likes to hang out with his dog Mighty mouse at his holiday shack in Wallaga Lake. His Passion for Hemp will inspire and educate.

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