Wilderness Society

Founded in 1976, The Wilderness Society has become a powerful voice advocating for the conservation of Australia's majestic wilderness. Their work spans the breath-taking rainforests of Tasmania, the vibrant Great Barrier Reef, the ancient woodland forests of Victoria, the vast outback, and beyond. Every mountain, every river, every patch of untouched wilderness matters to this dedicated team, whose commitment to preservation is nothing short of inspiring.

They empower people, engaging communities across Australia in their mission.
By fostering a deeper connection between people and the natural world, they've created a widespread community of passionate wilderness defenders.
Their work is a testament to the power of collective action, the strength of shared belief, and the enduring spirit of people who care deeply for the Earth.
Together, we can ensure a future where the magic of our wild places remains, untouched and enduring, for all time.

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