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5 Benefits of having a hobby

Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what interests you there are so many benefits to having a hobby. The benefits can touch on all different aspects of life, we are big fans of creative hobbies like painting, pottery, flower arranging and candle making just to mention a few. Here are a few of our favourite benefits:

1. Taking time for yourself

Self-care is so important, book in some time for you! Taking a break helps you destress and unwind.

2. Mindfulness

Be present in a moment, while your hands are busy doing something, your mind is so focused on what you are doing, hours can fly by.

3. Meeting new people

Connecting with people that have similar interests, is a great way to make new friends.

4. They help you grow

Learning something new is a great way to challenge yourself. Stepping out of your comfort zone does wonders for your confidence.

5. They are good for you!

There are so many proven benefits to having a hobby, both mentally and physically.People with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression according to current statistics.


House of Hobby was founded to help people take time for themselves by finding a new hobby or falling in love with an old one. Whatever hobby you choose, it’s important to take that time for you!