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5 Myths On Dental Health

Keep your teeth in tip-top condition and avoid these common dental health myths!

Brush hard for cleaner teeth
Brushing removes food particles from the surface of your teeth. These particles do not require “hard” brushing in order to remove. What’s more important than hard brushing is the way you brush and the toothbrush you use; as this will determine how much of food particles that are lodged in between teeth as well as at the teeth margins near the gums can be removed. Hard brushing or over-brushing can also lead to gum recession or cervical abrasion at the gum margin.

You shouldn’t brush when your gums bleed
Bleeding gums is a tell-tale sign of unhealthy gums or infection, possibly due to an accumulation of calculus (gingivitis). What the gums need is even more care to remove plaque and food particles; hence brushing and flossing must continue at the areas where the gums bleed. Brush gently with soft bristled tooth brush. See you dentist if bleeding persists. Bleeding gums can also be caused by medication and poor nutrition.

Flossing causes gaps between teeth

Proper flossing will never cause gaps in your teeth. Use dental floss and apply the correct method of flossing to effectively remove plaque and food particles in places that a tooth brush cannot easily reach such as between the teeth. Ask your dentist about the proper flossing technique and tools.

No tooth ache means no dental problems
Tooth ache is only one of the many symptoms of dental problems. There are other dental problems such as cracked or impacted teeth, crooked teeth, bad breath (halitosis) and gum disease that often go unnoticed until it causes other dental issues. Have your teeth and gums checked at least every 6 months even if you think you don’t have any dental problems. Early detection of any undesirable dental condition can save you time and money.

Loss of a permanent tooth is permanent
Losing you permanent teeth does not have to be permanent. Modern medicine recognizes the direct link between teeth function and a healthy body. Replace your lost teeth today with affordable teeth replacement techniques such as crown bridge and implant. These procedures are painless, effective and life changing!!!