21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Eyeology – Insight into Our Insides

It is well established that chronic disease is on the rise in the 21st century, costing the country millions of dollars in health care; costing families emotionally as well as financially.

How often do we talk to someone with chronic tiredness or vague nagging abdominal pain, and had all their medical tests return as ‘normal’? Our medical profession is brilliant in treating acute conditions, repairing broken bodies, advanced surgery. However, when it comes to symptoms of chronic disease, we are increasingly disappointed that the doctor is unable to ‘fix us’.

Chronic disease is insidious. One day we realise that we can’t climb those steps anymore, or we’ve gone from eating one square of chocolate after dinner to the whole block.

As the title of Louise Hay’s book states: You Can Heal Your Life. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, stated: feed your body the right foods and you can heal yourself. The question is: “How do I know what needs healing?”

This is where iridology and sclerology (Eyeology) can be of assistance. A professional Eyelogist can give you insight into what are the weaknesses in your system, the strengths in your system and the toxicity that is influencing your overall health and wellbeing as he/she examines your iris and scleras. This is not about diagnosing medical conditions; it is about giving you information on how the toxicity is increasing inflammation and congestion in your body, causing those unpleasant symptoms. It is about using a non-invasive tool to help plan your future prevention of chronic disease. It is about giving you your life back, once you choose to make changes that are pro-health.

Retirement – what do you envisage that to look like for you: on the beach being happy or sitting in a nursing home in a nappy? The sum total of your life’s choices is equal to where you are right now. If mediocre health is what you are experiencing right now, then sitting on a beach in retirement could be just a pipe dream. Can you prevent creating a life of mere existence and adopt a Healthy Living: Healthy Aging approach? Enjoy life to the full as you reduce the emotional and financial burden of chronic 21st century dis-ease on yourself. Have your Eyeology reading done by a practitioner who can expertly guide you to foundational healing, more ease and more joy in your life.