21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

FIVE great reasons to go Lactose Free!

Does dairy make you feel bloated and uncomfortable? It could be because you do not produce enough lactase to break down the lactose in dairy. Unabsorbed lactose can pass through the gut without being digested, leading to a build-up of gas, causing symptoms like wind and diarrhoea.

To help, Mundella have created a new range of Lactose Free Yoghurts that are gentler on the stomach and easier to digest. With NO compromise on taste, this new range is as thick and creamy as the rest of Mundella’s delicious Premium and Greek yoghurts.  It’s a win-win!

So, if dairy’s not for you, here are FIVE great reasons to go Lactose Free:-

  1. BEAT THE BLOAT! A bloated stomach is uncomfortable, embarrassing and can be painful. Switching to a lactose free diet may relieve these unnecessary symptoms to help you achieve a flatter, healthier (and happier!) tummy instead.
  2. Lactose Free products generally contain LESS SUGAR than non-lactose free dairy as the lactase (sugar) in milk is broken down when the products are made. If you want to reduce your daily sugar intake, converting to a lactose free diet may help.
  3. Choosing lactose free products allows you to maintain a calcium-rich diet, important for healthy teeth and bones, without the discomfort of regular dairy.
  4. With lactose free dairy easier to digest, a switch to lactose free may help you feel less lethargic and more ENERGISED, pumped, and ready to go!
  5. Great news – there is no need to double up at your weekly grocery shop! As Mundella’s Lactose Free range tastes soooo good, it is not only healthy for you, it’s super-yummy for the rest of the family too!

Mundella’s Lactose Free Natural Yoghurt is in stores NOW. Find it at your local IGA and independent grocer. Mundella’s NEW Strawberry and Vanilla Lactose Free yoghurts will be available in store from August.

Head down to Mundella’s stand (F58) at the Expo to enjoy FREE Lactose Free samples and to learn more about this exciting new range.