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Five Things to Think of When Purchasing New Jewellery

Purchasing a new piece of jewellery is most certainly exciting! But before your heart runs away with your wallet be sure to think about the following important points prior to making your purchase.

Has the jewellery been made ethically?
Just like there is a growing movement to encourage all of us to know ‘who made your clothes’, it is also really important to know if that new piece of jewellery you are coveting has been created ethically with consideration of the artisans and the finite resources necessary in the making of jewellery. The jewellery industry is filled with contentious issues that start from the country where the stones are mined, to who did the mining- adult or child? Are they adequately remunerated with a good living wage? What’s happening to the environment in the area as a consequence of the mining practices? What about the lapidaries charged with cutting and polishing the stones? What about the employees of the suppliers? … There are a significant amount of people and resources involved in the whole supply chain. So be sure to look out for and support brands that are invested in social good and environmental responsibility. When consumers are empowered to ‘buy better’, brands in turn are encouraged to do better which is good for us all.

Longevity of the jewellery
In short, be sure to do your homework. Some main points to look for are quality creation, design with timeless appeal or that has personal meaning for you, suitable gemstones that you will be able to take the required care of, and metal thickness as this will increase the durability of the piece.

Your personal style
Determine what your personal style is like then choose jewellery that will fit in with that style. Do you wear a lot of patterns and textures, or are you someone that goes for a more muted or neutral palette? What is your favourite neckline? What jewellery do you currently wear and are there things about it that annoy you? What new jewellery will best complement you! Have a good long think about what you really like as opposed to what might be the flavour of the day.

Your lifestyle
Most women don’t like having to remove their jewellery for work, training or other activities. You therefore need to be mindful about how it will fit into your actual life. Large statement pieces are really not suitable for most – though not all – ladies on a daily basis, so make sure the size, style, texture and quality will stand up to your requirements. Perhaps a flatter setting style or one that is bead set instead of claw set might be most suitable for you. 

What kind of care will the jewellery require?
All jewellery requires some TLC, and some pieces more than others. By following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure that your jewellery will always stay beautiful and even suitable to be passed on within your family. Please note the following advice:

  • it is best to store your jewellery items separately to avoid scratching
  • try to apply all beauty products prior to putting your jewellery on
  • you may wish to remove finer chains and bracelets before sleeping to avoid accidental damage
  • avoid wearing jewellery in pools and spas or whilst cleaning as some chemicals can be corrosive and cause damage to some metals and gemstones
  • to keep your pieces looking their very best and to remove any dust or oils that can accumulate on the surface, I recommend simply cleaning with a soft toothbrush in warm soapy water, unless specifically indicated otherwise; a more intensive once or twice yearly professional clean and polish at your local jeweller can also be performed, and this is also a good time to check the stone settings to ensure that they are safe and secure
  • your silver pieces may be polished regularly with a silver cloth to remove the natural tarnish that comes with exposure to air and light
  • ultrasonic cleaners should only be used with caution and are not suitable for all jewellery

Article By Tereena Lucas of Luca Jouel