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How to Make Patchy, Sparse Brows Look Naturally Full Without Effort

Tweezing, overplucking and even aging impacts your brows’ thickness. Reversing the sparseness takes effort – a.k.a. time and money.

To be frank: do you have the time to monitor your iron count and how much fish you eat based on dermatologists’ advice? They are natural ways to grow back your brows but it’s not one for the hustlers.

We’ve found a few hacks you can use to make your brows go from pencil-thin to full and in with time for brow regrowth:

Fill your eyebrows in with a natural dye

Natural dyes stain your brow hair for up to 7 weeks and remove the need to tweeze. For those with more sensitive skin or medical conditions, we recommend Henna, a natural ingredient, that adds a shadow of definition to your brows for 5 weeks.

Bronsun, an innovative Russian dye, is equally good – plus cruelty-free – and can give you 7 weeks staying power. If you want a dye that matches closely to your tone, Bronsun comes in 7 shades and will work better than Henna.

Moisturise with facial oils 

Jojoba oil and castor oil do the trick of nourishing your hair follicles. Be warned: no single oil works for everyone! We recommend you give either castor or jojoba a go for a week and monitor your reaction. Both are well-known for regenerative qualities and the ability to unblock hair follicles.

For optimal use, clean your brows free of makeup before applying the oil. Swab a small amount and massage them in, preferably before bedtime.

Select your go-to pencil for filling in

Having too many pencils and mixing them up on your brows is not a good idea. You want one pencil you can use with ease that contains natural ingredients.

Select products that contain Vitamin E, a nutrient that stimulates natural hair growth on your brows. You can keep it on during work/study and just take it off when you get home

Swap the tweezers for a specialist

Yes, it’s so much easier to just pluck in front of your mirror than take the car to meet a beauty specialist. However, meeting a beauty specialist gives you the chance to check your brow’s health, how you want it to look and the best methods to achieve it.

Your regular specialist will also be able to tell you if something is off as sometimes, sparse brows can be a signal of an undiagnosed health condition.