21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

As we make the best with what we have there is still room for joy

If you’re the courageous heart who listened to the call, please rest easy. You’re not alone. As a coach and one deeply passionate about inner development and self-mastery, I’m fortunate to speak with many wonderful and highly sensitive women who, like you and I, have heeded the call for a life beyond stress and survival. And if there is one piece of advice I could offer, this would be it.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

While every life has its challenges, every heart has its answers.

So many of us are experiencing the SAME CHALLENGES – day in, day out. As I learn more of the common threads, my goal for all of us is clear: to rid ourselves of the mind’s fear and judgment (let me emphasise self-judgement) and embrace a caring and compassionate future in which we build open and supportive communities to safely nurture and explore our respective inner journeys.

But we’ve a long way to go, as here are some things that I’m still hearing on the daily:

  • Half of the time, I think I’m losing my mind. I want to get out of my head, but I have no idea where to start. I like the idea of meditating, but I’m afraid I won’t like what I find if I go within.
  • I physically have nothing left to give. I feel like I’m letting everyone down – even myself – and I feel numb, empty and cold inside.
  • I startle myself at times when I catch my inner critic. I would never speak to someone as cruelly as I talk to myself.
  • Sure I do self-care. It feels good for a while but I can’t keep it – it feels like I’m just going through the motions. Self-love? Yeah, right.
  • I doubt myself ALL THE TIME. Let’s be honest, I don’t even know who I am anymore.

In our current society we push ourselves, so frequently and so consistently. We allow the accumulation of chronic stress, which restricts our ability to re-establish the energy baseline needed to remain connected and embodied. Quickly, we move away from balanced, compassionate care and much time in OVERCARE, becoming overly attached to processes and outcomes. And as we judge, compare, force and control, our potential for positive influence is drained. No party wins (emotionally, energetically) – no wonder we so readily numb ourselves from our hearts!

However, our heart has infinite patience, wisdom and guidance. She is always there for you. And indeed, there is a way out – it’s in transforming our stress into emotional resilience, by way of our heart.

For there awaits peace, love, joy and your inner sparkle.