21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Art of Cup Reading

‘Come in, sit down, have a coffee!’

These are the words that Kiero Raphael grew up hearing around his grandmother.

Watching and studying intently as a child, he’d listen in to the wondrous words of wisdom that would channel from her melodious mouth. Once the reading was over, he’d have his grandmother show him the images she was reading and learnt to understand them with great detail.

Situations around a person’s love life, their children, health, wealth (always a big parcel of money seemed to appear in cups!) marriage, and so much more would be discussed during a reading.

From those memorable years sitting in the Greek kitchen watching and learning, to making the coffees for all the relatives and guests ­this is where it all began.

Fast forward a few decades and Kiero Raphael is now conducting cup readings all over the country and the world for people everywhere.

An informative and fun reading will ensure you finish your session feeling uplifted, enlightened and happy.

Some of the most memorable readings he has conducted have been so precise to the point that the cup will spell out a name or names of a person closing linked to the client. Initials, dates, dollars and even details such as buying, selling and renovating a property can be shown in your cup. Not to mention clear images relating to pregnancy and marriage!

It’s amazing how beautiful these markings are when you learn to read them. Given that cup reading almost became a lost art ­Kiero Raphael is taking it in his stride to teach the world once again this incredible art form.

Be sure to visit Stand H40 to personally meet and attend a Cup reading with Kiero Raphael from Kireiki all weekend at the EveryWoman Expo.