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The Must-Have 3 Steps of Skincare

So, what’s the trick to keeping our skin looking and feeling its best?

Be consistent in your routine, which must be tailored to your skin’s exact needs. You need a skincare consultant to listen to your concerns and find the products that address your skin concerns.

Look for products that are clinically tested to work together and are formulated with ingredients to deliver the results you’re after. By doing your routine every morning and night, your skin will be prepared for make up if you use it.

3 must-have steps: Exfoliation + Hydration + SPF. Protecting your skin from the sun keeps it looking healthy and youthful. Even if it’s cloudy, every day is a “sun day.” Hydrated skin looks and acts younger, and boosts the efficacy of products layered on top, especially concealer and foundation.

Exfoliating takes off the dead, dry skin cells, revealing plumper, younger cells that push up from the deeper layers of your skin. If you have skin redness or sensitivity, exfoliation is not recommended, you can make your skin worse if you scrub away at it.

Everyone over 25 needs to start using an eye cream, it’s the area of our faces that show the signs of aging first.

Make sure to use hydrating, anti-aging creams twice a day!