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Three Ways to Live with Less

There is an alarming amount of women today who are stressed to breaking point, from having too much stuff in their home and too many things to do.

Physical and non-physical clutter and lack of time are some of the biggest stressors in our lives.

Unfortunately avoiding the situation can lead to even more stress, overwhelm and feeling stuck.

The answer to this predicament is to just take a small step in the right direction. Here are three easy and simple ways to live with less, that will make a big difference to your life

  1. Create a Clarity Zone – Clear the visual clutter form one chosen area of your home, the front of the fridge, your desk, bedside table.
    Making an area where you can have clear focus.
    Princeton University Neuroscientists discovered that clutter continually competes for your brains processing power, decreasing your ability to focus, make decisions and increases your stress levels and irritability.
  2. Simply Plan the Simple Stuff – The most valuable tools are those that de-stress and help you to feel in control in planning the routine stuff of life.
    Plot it in a planner by drawing up a colour code for the different areas of your life include work, chores and play. Research has shown that just one hour of planning will save 18 hours of doing.
  3. Nurture Yourself First for Productivity – Getting lots done is great but if you neglect to love and care for yourself, productivity and creativity suffers.
    Start your day with just 10 minutes of doing something that nurtures you first, a walk outdoors, sitting by the water, meditating, drawing, anything that you love and feel great about.

These three steps may seem small but they can make a major impact on your life.

Living with less clutter in your home and mind gives you more freedom to experience time with loved ones and space to expand your life.

By Carolyn Verhoef

Australia’s Leading Expert Organising & Life Purpose Coach

Outside the Box Organisation Solutions