21-23 June 2024
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Trends in Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Over the last 20 years injectable cosmetics treatments have moved from extreme to mainstream with the market growing at 10% per year and accelerating to a projected 14% growth in the future. The main consumers are women aged 40 to 65, however the number of 20 to 30-year olds and male consumers is increasing rapidly. Along with the increasing demand for the services there has been a growth in cosmetic providers, including clinic chains.


So, how do you select a Doctor or Nurse to manage your treatment to provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing outcome? It is important to remember that the treatment you are having is a medical procedure and although side effects are rare, the practitioner requires a high level of skill to keep you safe and to provide a good outcome.


Patients state that the reputation of the providers and their expertise are the most important consideration when choosing an injector. Treatment by an inexperienced injector can result in a “frozen” or an unnatural look after muscle relaxer injections whilst fillers applied inappropriately can result in puffiness or a distortion in the natural features. There is also a higher risk of complications.


An experienced injector with advanced skills can address your concerns in a way that is subtle. No one would know that you have had any work done, whilst still looking more youthful and refreshed and attracting comments of how great or well they look.


Lip enhancement is popular in the younger age group and the new trend is away from very large lips to improved shape. There is however a limit to the amount of shape change achievable as this is dictated by the patient’s anatomy.


Management of skin concerns and aging requires an ongoing multi-pronged approach using different treatment modalities. The industry is evolving rapidly with different treatments becoming available each year.


Combinations of injectables, light therapies, radiofrequency treatments, magnetic resonance technology, advanced cosmeceuticals, peels and skin needling all aide in addressing and preventing the signs of aging.