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Warming Winter Mushrooms – A Health Kick!

Rich and hearty mushroom dishes are perfect for winter and also provide a host of essential nutrients to help keep you healthy too.

Boost flavour and health by adding mushrooms to minced meat meals.

Chopping mushrooms in a food processor makes a ‘mince’ the consistency of minced meat. Minced, mushrooms blended with your choice of minced meat provide a serving of good health, while enhancing the flavour, texture and nutrition of your traditional favourites. Try blending mushrooms into burgers, rissoles, meatloaf, meatballs, tacos, moussaka and pastas, bolognese and lasagne.

Blending mushrooms into meat meals will:

  • Reduce kilojoules
  • Gain extra nutrients like vitamin D, B vitamins and antioxidants
  • Enhance flavour
  • Reduce salt. Mushroom’s Umami flavours reduce the need for added salt.

Good news! All mushrooms blend well. White button mushrooms blend well with poultry and pork, while Swiss browns and portobellos add a rich flavour to red meats.

There is no wrong way to blend mushrooms – it’s truly flexible.

  • Mince mushrooms by chopping with a knife or pulsing in a food processor.
  • Don’t overdo the processing, or you’ll end up with a liquid blend!

Simply brown mincemeat in a pan until cooked, Add minced mushrooms and sauté till tender. Complete your recipe using the mixture as your “meat” component. For burger patties, meatballs or meatloaf, sauté the chopped mushrooms, then add to your mince mixture. Cooking mushrooms first helps intensify their flavour.


  • blend 50% mushrooms and 50% meat for rich meat sauces like Bolognese,
  • Around 25–30% mushrooms works well for burger patties and meatballs.
  • The final mushrooms and meat mix should match the meat included in the original recipe

There are plenty of great reasons to get cooking with mushrooms this season, and you won’t be stuck for inspiration with plenty of beautiful new recipes.