21-23 June 2024
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Wellbeing Hacks from an Entrepreneur

Work-life balance is a common phrase and goal for women all around the world. But how do you achieve these outcomes in a real and everyday way?

Running a start-up business while working full-time (and planning our two recent weddings, in Perth and overseas) created some time constraints over the last year.

Make healthy eating easier

There’s always that tendency to reach for that sugary treat when I need a pick me up. Tea is a massive part of my wellbeing with dark chocolate as my vice. Snacks here and there are fine, but a good swap for me is a herbal tea with a spoonful of honey, especially before lunch just to curb that over snacking. When I’m hungry, it’s easy to graze and work through – or not eating at all! But having breaks to eat a proper meal is good for your physical and mental health. Often a breakthrough for those problems to solve come after stepping back from it.

Keep on hand nuts, fruit or cut up veggie sticks nearby and keep the high sugars out of easy reach! Another quick tip is to save time and consume variety is to subscribe to a meal delivery service. I have no association with them, and I highly recommend ‘This Little Pig Went to Market’. This Perth-based company only uses ingredients that are local and fresh, and all meals are dietitian designed and delicious. TLPWTM has been great for my work-life balance. Find techniques that work for you to make healthy eating choices easier.


Yup, you guessed it – exercise. Work in incidental exercise by taking the stairs over the lift. I love walks with my girlfriends, a great way to catch up and kill two birds with one stone. Getting an accountability buddy is great too. Find a friend with similar goals and let them know your plans of days you will exercise. I recently started setting rewards as well. People that know me know I love oysters, so if I hit my exercise target, I may just increase that half-dozen oysters to a dozen at my next date out with the hubby. There are many activities out there, try something new and find something that you love!

On the last note, always strive to be the best version of yourself and shine from within. Be kind to yourself, and remember to spoil yourself once in a while!