21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Addicted To Joy

By Ersilia Tarantino – Intuitive Lifecoach and Experience Expert

Joy always seems like its a future event, like happiness, waiting for something to arrive in our lives before we can feel it, feel good.  A person, a job, an event.  Like we have to achieve something.  Therefore it feels like we are always playing catch up or chasing a dream that doesn’t seem to exist.

Yet whilst we are waiting what do we do?  Perhaps complain, focus on what’s wrong, blame ourselves or others for stopping us getting what we want, look at what we don’t have.  Making excuses about how a situation holds us back from that joy that happiness.

Isn’t that what we all truly want – a happy joyful life? We often think it’s money, or a relationship that brings that to us. It surely does contribute, but is not the source.

Chasing something that seems to be in the future leads us to not be present which is where happiness and joy truly exist.

Negative focus keeps us stuck in those problems or lack.  It means we take actions from a place of limit of feeling we’re not able to do anything about our situation, we’re not able to see the solutions.  We try, but because we are still focused on a future event we give up, despair, become despondent, and we believe joy, happiness is out of our reach.  We end up “putting up’ with our situation.

I believe the truth to finding happiness and joy is take a 180 degree turn and look at things from a different angle, from within.  To invite joy in to feel how it feels, and not wait for something or someone to give it to me, but cultivate and find it in yourself right here and now.  You see joy is a vibration and an emotion, one of the highest vibrations in the world.

The science put simply, is that every thought, every idea, every emotion transmits a wave like an electrical current, pulsing.  We ourselves are made up of tiny atoms that vibrate and pulse together and emit these waves.  These pulses and vibrations can be measured as voltage.  Joy measures at 540 and anger at 150.  One attracts like a magnet the other detracts.

What’s the first step to finding that joy, becoming present to life, to ourselves, and to those emotions?
How do you become present? The practice of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a type of meditation to become aware on purpose.  That is done through the senses, the body, sounds, touch, sensations.  You begin to learn how those sensations feel and how they affect your life.

Mindfulness allows you to feel what’s going on inside.  Imagine when all those tiny atoms pulsate together in joy they are magnetic, it feels amazing, like a natural drug of adrenaline that leaves you high but in a natural way.

The best way to understand it is to experience it……. Take 5 and try some mindfulness…. It does you wonders…..