21-23 June 2024
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Mundella EveryWoman Expo – Bringing Everyone Together

It may be a three-day event but the Mundella EveryWoman Expo takes a year of hard work and craft to organise.

It’s the job of Sales Manager Sandra Giannone to find the exhibitors who will appeal to women both young and old from different cultures and backgrounds, and that can take a lot of searching.

“I like to think that the Mundella EveryWoman Expo brings people together, I say it’s a celebration of senses. People like to smell, see, hear, taste and touch, and that’s what we try to incorporate here; lots of different products and services for people to experience under one roof,” explained Sandra.

“I don’t want people to feel as though they are going to a shopping centre for the day, we are offering much more than that, it’s dynamic and it’s not just for fashion, products and services. It’s quirky and different.”

“For example, where else would you come across a shoe where you choose the sole, either flat, heel or wedge and then create your shoe? It’s a bespoke type of shoe that originated in Brazil and the manufacturers Galibelle wanted to showcase it here at this Expo in Australia,” she outlined.

Every year, new exhibitors come on board; around 50% are here in 2017 for the first time. This year one of her favourite new products is from a Perth based company ‘Hot Teaze’ who have introduced a new hair straightener, which offers voluptuous hair.

“Inventor Anne Vine is from Perth and has a salon in the city. She’s 63 and has invented a product, which makes hair look fuller by adding volume through the ceramic iron’s square grooves. What an inspiration and what a great way to market it on her home turf at our event.”

Retail giant Bunnings will be holding interactive workshops to show women the best way of approaching DIY tasks. The company is also on a large recruitment drive.

“Bunnings have always had a diverse selection of employees, all ages from teens through to their sixties and they can accommodate flexible work tasks and hours. Bunnings is on a mission to encourage ladies to join their team,” explained Sandra.

Everyone is being urged to visit the website ahead of their visit so they don’t miss anything.

Sandra Giannone - Sales Manager EveryWoman Expo
Sandra Giannone is the passionate Sales Manager behind the EveryWoman Expo

“There’s a featured timetable, so you know when there will be fashion shows or a celebrity chef demonstration. Study the map so you can target the stands you’d like to visit”

11,000 people usually attend across the three days, and it’s always Sundays that prove to be the busiest.

“Yes, that’s when the Mums usually leave their children at home and come and have a look and turn it into a social event. It’s also the time when we see Mothers and Daughters strolling the aisles together, it’s a bonding experience.”

This year they’re bracing themselves for a higher turnout because for the first time ever, the event is free.

“Yes, there’s a definitely a bit of a downturn here in WA and people are being more careful about how they spend their money. Our sponsors Mundella have kindly picked up some of the costs so we can offer free entry. Of course, once you’re in you can experience a free massage, free mini make over and free food, so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t come.”